Sri Kamakshi Sharada Temple, Hebbur

The greatest and perhaps the oldest civilization known to mankind, India, the virtuous land that it is is acknowledged as the 'Cradle of Knowledge' where Vedas have originated from. In the years gone by each and every small village and town of this holy land has seen prosperity in both materialistic and spiritual walks of life. Among the very many holy places, a few have survived the onslaught of invasion, natural calamities as well as human decadence in terms of absence of thirst for Knowledge.

One such holy place to have survived is the Sri Kodandashrama Math of Hebbur, a small place near the town of Kunigal in the state of Karnataka.

Sri Kodandashrama Matha

The Matha with history of more than 300 years, is blessed by Sri Kodandaramashrama Swamy